When do I need a lawyer?

Many people believe they need an attorney’s services only to solve a problem or to get out of a difficult situation. Often, the best time to see an attorney is not when you are in legal trouble but before that trouble occurs. Preventive law is one of the most valuable services that a lawyer can perform. By eliminating potential problems, preventive law can save you time, money and needless worry. Some of the circumstances that may require professional legal assistance are:

  • Buying or selling real estate
  • Signing a lease or contract with major financial provisions
  • Marriage, divorce or adoption
  • When a lawsuit is brought against you, or you want to bring a lawsuit
  • If you are arrested or charged with a crime
  • Starting a business
  • Planning for the distribution of your property upon your death
  • When you have been injured, either on the job, or in an accident, or as a result of another’s negligence, or because of a defective or unsafe product
  • Appearances, applications or appeals to government agencies or boards